Because when it comes to Graphic Design and Marketing ... it's personal.


We want to know everything about you

Well perhaps not everything … but by understanding what makes your business tick and sharing in your hopes and dreams, we can build an identity, brand, marketing plan and website that fits you perfectly … and grows with you.

The definition of personal service

The person who you meet with is the same person who answers the phone, creates the magic, liaises with printers and prints your accounts. No ‘middle-man’ account managers here … and we’re only happy when you are.


About Us

Meet Felicity Evans. She wears many hats: owner, director, designer, social media enthusiast, receptionist and washer-upper at Creative Minds.

With Bachelor Degree qualifications in design and more than 15 years of practical experience to back them up, Felicity is the creative genius behind the successful rebranding of numerous ‘unsellable’ organisations; turning their public image around with sharp insights, thorough market understanding and effective visual communication. An expert in creating and refining corporate image and developing brand identity and advertising, Felicity has an eye for detail, inspired creativity and the ability to interpret ideas into clear, insightful communication and advertising strategies. Creative Minds has worked extensively with not-for-profit organisations, businesses — big and small — and multinational franchises, and believes everyone deserves fabulous design, regardless of budget. Felicity has a real passion for small business. She has created a new blog ‘Neck of the Woods’ providing small enterprises in her area an opportunity to showcase and market their ‘wares’ and an avenue to sell them online. Check it out at

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